We keep memories, seriously.

1940 - 1949

Cousin and I on our tricycles.

Oh my goodness, I have just pulled out a photo that is really old and I’m sure it’s at least 70 years old I call it myself and my cousin, its myself and my cousin Nico who as far as I can remember was a year older than I was on our tricycles we had obviously been given tricycles and were riding around myself being dressed as usual amazingly in a very pretty little dress I never seem to get around to doing things in just any old thing I but I don’t quite remember the time but I do remember the tricycle and the cousin Nico he was Nicholas Brummer, my mother’s eldest brother’s son was quite a good cousin and we had a lot of fun together as kids but by the time we got teenage he was into the girls and I found a nuisance, I didn’t want to spend much time with him, barring to say hi how are you, he was a good guy, so that is the photo that popped out of my box today.

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