We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Mickey & Dad

Mickey my budgie on Dad’s nose.

This one I call Mickey and Dad and it’s number one of my photos my mom gave me a budgie called Micky boy, and he was the tamest and was the cutest thing. One of his favourite pastimes was climbing around all over whoever he happened to be on, and this particular day he climbed onto my dad’s head and noticed his eye moving so he climbed down as you can see and started inspecting and chatting to my dad’s eye, fortunately the glasses were there so he was tapping his beak on the glasses having a fat chat with my dad’s eye. Dad sat very very still as you could see mom and I were dying with laughter but she grabbed the camera and took a photo and it was just the cutest thing. There will be more of Micky boy’s stories to follow which will have you all in stitches and this was way back when I was a little girl of roundabout eight I think. Okay this is this one for now.

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