We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Oupa and I enjoying a treat.

Photo number four is an interesting one actually, with my darling Oupa he was gorgeous, we used to come to visit him and my Gran in Kroonstad I think it was like every year when we were living in northern Rhodesia and Oupa used to love getting up to mischief, among others, when Ouma baked bread which she baked in one of those old coal stoves with the big oven in the big solid iron goodie and she would bake the most delicious bread and of course we had farm butter and Oupa would wait until Ouma finished baking bread and then when she had gone to go have a little afternoon lie down he would call me and quickly cut off the crust and put lashings of butter on and usually some biltong sliced because he inevitably had biltong in the house and he would take it outside and would eat this hot bread with the butter dripping in the biltong and of course my mom and my dad always found the camera and as Oupa and I was still having this, eating, our mouths look full and my dad says look at this, look and give me a smile, well there is the result of the picture of me with my darling great beautiful Oupa there will be lots more about him in the future.

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