We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Wild bush braai.

You know the good old days, this is photo number six and it’s my mom and I outside the caravan in the wild bush of northern Rhodesia way back in the 1949/50 I would say and it’s hard to imagine that where we were actually camping there it was totally wild, the roads were just dirt tracks and the bush that you can see there is teaming with genuinely wild animals not in cages, not in a reserve, they live there we’re the ones that are visiting and it was such fun really and so free, my dad would just find a nice place, pull off the road and get everything set up and of course as you can see, the braai is the good old few stones you had the gristle somehow and there we went we had our supper there, mum would cook tea and coffee, well, boil water rather, for coffee or tea and we just absolutely lived the lovely free life of gypsies with nothing to tie us down and as an interesting point notice mom’s got high heels on and we are out in the bundu, I love it!

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