We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

A nice family portrait.

Okay this one came out as well, which is obviously in the same lounge at 27 10th St in Chingola northern Rhodesia. We were obviously on our way to some smart occasion possibly church possibly a mine function because my dad was involved in a lot of the mine as being a photographer and the decided to take a nice shot. I must say he got back and got into his pose pretty quickly, you know the timer on the Rolleiflex only gives you 10 seconds and I am quite impressed that he got back from where the camera was on the tripod, he got back quite good and my mom and I are looking quite natural I think we were pretty used to being photographed already by this time and there’s mom in her high heels looking good and if you look carefully you see her nails are red it doesn’t quite show and she loved her red lipstick just as I do. So there we are made up pretty, white dress and white shoes and socks looking quite impressive I love it I love it.

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