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1950 - 1959

Fishing lake with crocodiles!

Wild crocodiles still live in this lake.

This is photo number 14 as you can see it’s a lovely photo of a lake and there is a little figure down the bottom which is me and beautiful reflections for composition but it was either lake Tanginika or lake Luapula my folks had gone seeing the sites all over Rhodesia and we had found this lovely lovely camping area well, wasn’t a camping area it was this open space, and me being an inveterate fisher girl from the times when my dad used to go¬† coasting, sitting at the seaside on the pier and drop a fishline into the water (and of course there was little rock pools) I had my fish and I was planning on catching, trying to catch a fish in the lake well I caught, almost, a crocodile! I was standing and I had some got some things and I put it on the hook, tossed the hook out and I was standing there and not long after this photo was taken I got a bite and the fish bit and pulled so hard that I got such a fright he yanked the line out of my hand, little stick that it was wound around and all, and it was by something large away into the lake and my dad came running down grabbed nearly back up to the caravan and my mom was moaning at me much better and it turned out that they saw this thing grab the fish line and swim away with it, it was definitely not a fish it was large and when we went into the next town, from there people actually told my folks that that spot where I was is a spot where a crocodile had been catching and killing several of the people that live around there, the black people that live there, so I hope, I suppose it was a narrow escape! What an experience and what a memory of almost catching myself a crocodile. Oh my goodness thank goodness it pulled that string right out of my hands!

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