We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Me and my typewriter.

I was fascinated by technology.

My goodness it would have just yanked out your wondered where my technology interest started well the we go on the old Remington typewriter I think I told you told you learning to type on the tik tik tik PING! tik tik tik PING! So there is the first sign of me working, on a typewriter. I wasn’t learning it at school yet it was just already typing things for my mom and dad and just letters myself because I love it and my fascination with technology I think as well came with the equipment in the darkroom which you will get to see as the photos go along and and on the table there next to me there’s funny shaped things like pillars and two round things those actually the inside on rotator that you rolled film on when it went into the developing thank but there you go there is Valerie Mahaffy sitting at the typewriter looking ever so professional and that was the start of my secretarial lifetime awesome I just love it.

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