We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Mickey my pet mouse.

Look what I dug up this is picture number 13 that little mouse is aptly named my favourite pets name Mickey, he was Mickey Mouse and as you can see very tiny and very white and I can’t remember quite why my mom gave it to me probably because I was lonely I think but what happened with this mouse is, because I was so lonely at home I was little girl round about about nine I suppose and they decided to send me to a convent as a border it was the Lusaka convent and I didn’t want to leave Mickey behind so I made a little box and for him and took him with me in my blazer pocket. He was very very tame by the way, I got him as a teeny-weeny little mouse and got  to the point he was quite at home with me wherever I was and you know I was at that convent for just a term I think just to because I was desperately unhappy I wanted to go back to my mommy and daddy who lived in Chingola which is quite a way away and Mickey Mouse was my little lifesaver and the nuns never ever saw him and I used to put him in my blazer pocket to go to the class and when we went down for breakfast I would take little bits of toasted whatever and other little bits of food and popped into my blazer pocket and Mickey would munch away at the food and when playtime’s came I would take into the bathroom and take him to the basin for  some water. It was very strange really but he was never ever discovered and I can’t even remember how long he live but I do know I went home to my folks and he was back in his cage again and I don’t know for how long after that he lived before he went for the long sleep. This little mouse was just too dinky, with his pink nose and pink eyes and the other girls just absolutely loved him to bits and fortunately none of them told anyone what was going on so for a school term this mouse accompanied me at the convent and kept me company there. Isn’t he


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