We keep memories, seriously.

1930 - 1939

Mom and young Ronnie

This is photo number 11, oh my word this is old! That gorgeous lady there with that sweet little boy is my mom and my brother, at the time, I think when she and my dad, I’m not sure they were married then they were going out together so my brother was from a previous marriage and Ronnie was 11 years older than I am so obviously I hadn’t been born yet and at this time in my mom’s life actually she was regarded as quite well known as the prettiest woman in Kroonstad in the Orange Free State all those years ago and they’re standing on the veranda of my aunt Sis, my mom’s older sister her house is on the stoop of this house with this lovely curved step going down to a rose Garden where I got stuck by rose thorn many a time we knew that we were getting hurt that was the place to play and it was a complete whole garden laid out with all the different kind of rose bushes and I have many many thorns in my hide as a result of that but here is my brother looking like the cutest little thing out.

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