We keep memories, seriously.

1930 - 1939

My Dad, the fat scout.

Look what I found! This is a photograph of my father as a young boy and it’s on a postcard you know, the, I don’t know if they have them anymore now these days that you could buy a postcard and send the photos or photographs on so that was interesting but I see inscribed on the back I think it was pencilled it might be pen since it is so long ago but it says January 1930 T.E.M. which stands for Thomas Edward Mahaffy and underneath written “Fat Scout” oh shame! Well my dad was not thin nor was I at that age or around about that age but he was actually intensely interested in scouting for a long time and took part in many scouting activities which also there are photos that will come up showing marvellous things that so the Scouts did because they were very popular, I don’t know if the Scout movement is actually going so these days but on man I think is quite a cute boy obviously it is at the train station and so and all dressed up so he must be either on his way to some scouting event or alternatively has just arrived back home but I think he’s to smartly dressed to have just arrived back home but there’s my darling dad in 1930 the fat scout I think it’s so cute!

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