We keep memories, seriously.

1910 - 1919

My Mom and her siblings.

In 1918 you had to hold still for the photo, so, no smiling!

Golly gosh, oh golly gosh! This is number 18 but wow quite interestingly it’s a photo that was taken in 1918 it is my mom and two of her sisters and her brother, her one brother. Now according to this it is Oom Boet who is on the left and auntie Sis the lady on the right I think she was the eldest Oom Boet was next and the little one with the dark-hair was my mom and funnily enough if I look at it and I my kiddie photos there is a similarity there and she also liked belts, that’s the fashion those days and the youngest one there was my auntie Bess, tragic story there she grew up, had beautiful blonde hair apparently and got married had two little girls and then she was killed by her husband in the sense that he beat her and he kicked her in the stomach and she died from that. Rather a horrible thing, but at that point in time they were just four rather angry little kids not liking the idea of photographs at all, that’s 1918 it would be interesting to go back and look at what kind of camera was used thenĀ  I just love it, I can’t believe it, and the paper it’s printed so this must have been like an official photograph which they did much in those days where a photographer came and took the official family photos. So that’s my mom the older sister, older brother, and younger sister at that time, two more children were still to be added to the family later.

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