We keep memories, seriously.

1950 - 1959

Practicing shots in home studio.

My Mom and I, models for the day.

This photo obviously, is at the curtain in our house in Chingola my dad’s new photographic studio. And as you can see by my face, the look on my face its more than likely he is testing the Rolleiflex I remember they ordered it from overseas, and I was already madly interested in photography at that time so, I think that’s why I look quite happy to be photographed and my mom is looking really beautiful there, she is a beautiful woman you’d have loved her my dad too and as you can see I loved belts then already so I’m not surprised that at the time of recording being 74 that I still like to wear belts! It is just a lovely photo, dad obviously testing the lighting and the apertures and shadows, I see it is a shadow behind us, he set up the lights in such a way that they were no shadows in the end so that’s mom and I posing for a nice happy picture and as I said mom looking gorgeous as always.

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