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1950 - 1959

Ronnie and Carol win a radiogram.

From guns to the radiogram, this store had it all.

Wow! Yes well there we go that is the trading store in Chingola in northern Rhodesia where I grew up and as you can see it really is a trading store, it’s got rifles in one corner, it seems to have clothing it’s got kitchenware it’s got the furniture, you can see the radio and display cabinet there and I think there was something of everything in this huge shop, I do remember it, if you wanted something whether it be a piece of wire for a plug or piece of furniture you found it at this shop I just can’t remember the name at the moment but we will, I think it was called Nchanga trading store but I’m not sure but what happened here, my brother and his lovely wife Carol Ronnie and Carol were newlyweds and my mom had taken a raffle on this radio brand for them for as you can see their five shillings in the northern Rhodesia money was British at that time. My mom won it, but when she took the ticket she actually told Ronnie and Carol she would take the ticket on their behalf and if she did win then she would let them have it not thinking she would win at all but there you go mom did win rather, and there they are the proud owners of this gorgeous I mean it’s a display cabinet I think the cupboard and the record player, in the space in the door for vinyl records and LP records as we called them, and it was stereo that I remember because it’s got speakers on either side, which I really am going way back here you know and my mom was almost sorry that she told them they could have it but she she kept her word and they were pleased as punch. That was a gorgeous fashion Ronnie highly smart in what he was wearing and Carol in fashion which I think a lot and goes with that today still, so there we go that is the story of the raffle ticket mom took for Ron and Carol.

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