We keep memories, seriously.

1940 - 1949

Granny May Mahaffy

My Mom is on the left, and my brother Ronnie on the far right.

This is an old photo and actually a very special photo because I think it’s one of the only ones I’ve got that shows my granny May Mahaffy. She is the lady standing next to my brother right on the right-hand side. She must have come to visit my parents in their Kroonstad house. I don’t know because I’m on the left, it’s my mom and behind her is Oom Dirkie the youngest brother and then at the back the tallest Oupa holding me, a little mini me and in front of him,. my Ouma, my mom’s mom and then next to her my granny May Mahaffy and then Ronnie my brother, so golly, this photo hasn’t even got a date on the back, but then I was a little thing then probably what’s 18 months, to two by the size. So that means Ronnie was about 11 or 12 and gosh, there’s granny May Mahaffy there might be one other photo that she appears on and I was just thinking about it the other day gosh so there we go back into history again lovely. I’m enjoying these photographs really I hope you guys are enjoying watching them and looking at them and listening to the stories with me!

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